Grant Making and Funding:

We have extensive experience in working with organizations to develop competitive proposals that meet the needs and expectations of government, foundation and corporate funders. We can help identify possible funding sources, assist in making contacts and completing submissions, and help ensure that proposals are as effective and competitive as possible. Our contributions to program design, evaluation and research component design, and alignment to funders' priorities have made the difference in securing millions of dollars in funding to our clients.​

Our Services

Our Purpose

M.A. Henry Consulting staff looks forward to working with you to measure and improve your program results and delivery of services. Our staff is certified in evaluation practice through The Evaluators Institute and uses the most current methods to ensure success of our research and evaluation support.

Curriculum Development:

With a strong background in formal education from elementary grades through post-graduate courses, informal education, and after-school and community-based programs, M.A. Henry Consulting offers curriculum development and writing services, aligning results to local and federal standards. 

Evaluation and Research:

Program evaluation and research comprise the core of our services. M.A. Henry Consulting, LLC works to ensure the success of clients through:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Formative and Process Evaluation
  • Summative, Impact and Outcome Evaluation
  • Research and Evaluation Design
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Instrumentation, Survey Design, Interviewing, Classroom and Performance Observations

Professional Development and Training: 

Integrating evaluation into the routine work of organizations and programs is recognized by professionals and funders alike. External evaluation services, such as those we offer, does not offset the role for internal evaluation capacity. We help organizations empower themselves through a proven, collaborative process of assessment, training and implementation. 

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