Selected Programs and Projects:

  1. A TIME for Freshman Physics, a statewide 5-year National Science Foundation Math & Science Partnership - University of Missouri (Evaluation) 
  2. Eggs Prize Educational Program, X Prize Foundation (Curriculum Development) 
  3. Emergency Response and Crisis Management Program St. Louis Public Schools, U.S. Dept. of Education (Evaluation) 
  4. Empowerment Evaluation Project - St. Louis Effort for AIDS/ Missouri Foundation for Health (Evaluation and Training) 
  5. Examining Coaching in Elementary Mathematics Classrooms (Interrater Reliability Instrumentation Training) 
  6. Improving Teacher Quality Program Evaluation, seven statewide university-delivered teacher professional development projects - U.S. Dept. of Education/Missouri Dept. of Higher Education (Evaluation)  Cycles 9 - 15 
  7. Institute for Chemistry Literacy Through Computational Science, National Science Foundation Math & Science Partnership research - University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign (Evaluation and Research) 
  8. Internal Evaluation Tools and Process Enhancement Project - National Multiple Sclerosis Society/Missouri Foundation for Health (Evaluation) 
  9. Lincoln University Master of Science in Natural Sciences, (Academic Needs Assessment)
  10. Supporting Teachers - Amplifying Student Knowledge, a 3-year U.S. Dept. of Education/Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Mathematics & Science Partnership - Columbia Public Schools (Evaluation) 
  11. Reaching All the Learners Through the Arts, Metro Theatre (Evaluation)
  12. St. Louis Inner Ring Cooperative, a 5-year National Science Foundation Math & Science Partnership - Washington University in St. Louis/St. Louis Science Center/Missouri Botanical Garden/St. Louis Zoo (Evaluation) 
  13. St. Louis Symphony Orchestra's Adopt-A-School Program - St. Louis Public Schools (Evaluation) 
  14. The Washington National Opera Education Program 10-Year Retrospective Evaluation (Evaluation) 
  15. United Way's Success By 6 Childcare Program (Evaluation) 

M.A. Henry Consulting works with:

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  • Universities

  • ​​School districts and schools

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  • Federal, state and local government agencies
  • Community-based organizations

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